13 Best Life Lessons

13 Best Life Lessons

13 Best Life Lessons

Here are 13 Best life lessons which I learn from 340 books with the passage of time, which changed the way of my life style in a very healthy way.

1. “It’s easier to change your environment than your circumstances.”

  • Something I’ve learned in the past year is that. A lot of times you can get mad about something. But it’s just easier to think a little bit about it and come up with ways to make it not happen again.
  • For example,

    I keep a lot of notes, I like to schedule and lots of things and since I’m a youtuber. I have to do lots of planning and timing and all that kinds of stuff on my own time. Well, I used to have little tiny notebook & journals to right out my days, weeks and other ideas I notice.

  • I kept losing these because I have so many of them and it started irritating me. Actually making me mad and affecting my mental peace. So, I started thinking about what I could do and what I did was. I bought one huge whiteboard. Draw four columns on that and put that up in my room. Now, I’ve got one for daily plans, one for weekly plans, one for long-term goals, and the last one is for little ideas I get. So, I can write those down without forgetting.
  • I could have kept getting upset at losing those little notes. But instead I’ve thought of a solution, I wouldn’t keep losing my little papers.

2. “The more your network, the easier it gets.”

  • I’ve also noticed that the more your network the easier life gets.

Here’s an Example

  • That isn’t me, a friend of mine recently moved to a large city.  She had dreams of working her way up through careers. She started working at Walmart then she quit. Once she got a job offer from a coaching center. In fact the center loved how she came in and talked to everyone.
  • Every time she lifted. So, they offered her a better paying job and bought her out. Since starting that job, she’s met tons of entrepreneurs, CEOs and just interesting people. I went down to visit her one day and she introduced me to a local VP of a very large bank. Who actually offered her a job. While, I was there but she’s had dinner with at least 6 millionaires. That’s just the benefit of her network opportunities at the coaching center.

3. “Joining a group of like-minded people can be one of the most motivating things unless it’s a cult.”

  • For a while, I thought I could just grind away at my house and lift at the center alone to be at the top. Now I realized and learn that how much more fun it is and how much easier things seem. When I work in groups, I’m kind of an introvert. So, this is difficult for me.
  • Something, I’ve recently started with a group of other colleagues. its an online chat where we share tips, stories and advice we have in an informal manner. It’s really encouraging to realize that there are other people out there with the same struggles as me.

4. “First find happiness then success will come, not the other way around.”

  •  It’s actually been proven, which I learn from couple studies. Most notably in the book “The Happiness Advantage”. Most people think you need to make a lot of money, have a huge house, drive a fancy car, dress nice, stuff like that and then you will be happy. The truth is, most people who have all of those aren’t really that happy. Those people may have materialistic success. but you will find that their emotional cookie jars will be empty with cobwebs. And cannot optimize their life for fun, happiness and social friends. instead, they optimize for money and business growth.
  • If you find happiness first, I learn and guarantee you will find success in your own terms faster than if you’re doing it miserably. Plus, it makes the journey more enjoyable and honestly you only have one life.

5. “Most things take longer than you think.”

  • This is something I learn from few productivity books. Basically, if you think something will take two to three months, it’ll probably take a little bit longer. We are bad at estimating long lengths of time especially for things we have never done before. A prime example of this is the course I recently started “Abnormal Psychology” on YouTube and here also. Now most people may not know this but creating its content took much longer but it goes over within minutes.

6. “Most things don’t take as long as you think when you get started.

  • I learn, We grossly overestimate how something will take when it’s a smaller project. I think this has to do with our brain, trying to come up with ways to justify procrastination.
  • .What I found is that, small things like writing a video script or even finishing homework don’t take near as much time as your lazy brain guesses it to be.

7. “Small changes, add up to big changes.”

  • I found and learn life lesson that make sure you have a great foundation in book after book. After you read a bunch of self-help psychology and personal development books you start to catch a trend. One of the biggest ones is that your daily routine matters. Basically small things you do each day add up the compound effect is a book specifically on this principle.
  • “one coffee a day can be a lot of money in ten years. A 10-minute workout after you get up can do a lot in as little as one year. And dropping carbonated sugary drinks well, you can literally see effects in as little as one week”.
  • Your small daily habits make a big difference on the outcome of your life. So, choose wisely and make sure to have a good foundation.

8. “Passions don’t come to you, you chase passions.”

  • For me, its a great life lesson and learning that People are always searching on ways to find their passions. I used to do that too since there are a lot more people in the world. Now compared to 300 years ago, we finally get a pic what we want to do for a living. The problem is that most people have no idea what the pic. They start searching frantically for a major or career and some even opt out to a gap year to find it.
  • The truth is they aren’t going to find it because passions come to you. Passions are things, you develop and you grow the things that finds you. Writing blogs and making videos wasn’t always my passion. In fact, I did it to make some extra money. And to help a lot of people after hundreds of videos. though I start to really appreciate the process in this passion of helping others through this platform has really developed as well.
  • So, stop looking for your passions. Try a whole bunch of things, pick a few you like and then commit to them. It might be a hobby at first but after you commit for a while it will turn into a passion.

9. “Put yourself in a position to be competitive.”

  • I also learn a life lesson, its okay to be competitive for me. To grow the most I should actually put myself in a competitive market. If I’m at a factory doing the same thing for eight hours a day. I’m definitely not growing and reaching my full potential.
  • The truth is, I’m really freaking competitive. I want to squash all the other websites and YouTube channels. But, I also want to see them succeed because now I’m struggling like many others.

10. “Money means more expenses.”

  • If I want to get to ten million followers or subscribers don’t always wish for more money, wish for the good things that come with money, freedom the ability to travel, nicer things in life less troubles, and the ability to take your family on a vacation stuff like that.
  • That’s what I want not money. Money’s just a tool.

11. “You will become more confident, motivated, persistent and happier whenever you exercise regularly”.

  • I originally noticed and learned this life lesson without reading books. But I realized that while I was reading a book on the topic of how important exercise is, I’ve been lifting on and off since high school but I’ve noticed a huge boost and my own personal motivation, happiness and confidence levels. When I exercise daily and lift at least three times a week.
  • Plus I noticed, I persist easier, I stick to things easier which is very valuable, give self-awareness and insight.

12. “We have a purpose when we help people”.

  • A lot of the books I’ve read said that people try to find purpose within themselves but then a lot of the people who have bulletproof purposes are those who help others out. I’ve noticed as myself if I don’t get this satisfaction of reading the positive comments, people leave the amazing emails and testimonials for my blogs or lectures and I probably wouldn’t stick with it.
  • Honestly I feel like this is my job though my duty to keep writing and making videos to help even just one person. I feel like I have an impact with this job and a majority if not all of it is because I help other people.

13. “The 80/20 principle.”

  • This learning was life-changing for me. The 80/20 principle is a really simple idea that 80% of something is related to 20% of something else.
  • You know 80% of the carpet you walk on is only 20% of the total floor space. Your 80% profit, comes from customers’ 20% and by utilizing this idea, those 20% customers creates 80% profit from their own business.
  • I’ve been able to cut a lot of meaningless work, back focus on what really matters and it shows in my work and stress levels. A little personal plug here, if you want to learn 80% of certain topics like meditation, money, management, stoicism, goal-setting and productivity stuff like that in 20% of the time it would take you to learn on your own.

Thank you for reading, be sure to give your opinion because more incredible content is on the way. and if there is any trouble you may contact me.